About Me

I am a Sydney-based portrait photographer.

As a child I admired my mother's beautiful drawings and paintings, scattered about our home, and longed to one day capture people's faces and gestures the way that she did. I have pursued this with both drawing and photography.

It is so easy these days, with digital cameras, for photos to disappear into the family computer, never to be seen again – which is such a shame. I have always printed, framed and hung photographs and have always made albums, which my children spend hours and hours poring over. Having your photos there to see – in an album and/or as prints in your home – is something that brings enjoyment every day.

A professional profile portrait communicates a great deal beyond the words you choose to describe yourself - adding a personal touch to your career profile.  Your portrait will be uniquely tailored to your profession and personality.

I absolutely love my work as a photographer and look forward to creating beautiful portraits for you.